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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Dark lords of Hattusha

This is a truly awesome documentary about the ancient Hittites. Detailing their achievements and sincerely spectacular culture and society. A must see love to hear what anyone thinks :)


Chris said...

Interesting video, thanks for posting it!

Brian said...

I usually can't sit through hour long videos on the internet, but I couldn't stop watching this one. Thanks for posting. I linked to your post on my blog.


Oscar1986 said...

Thanks, I am glad you all liked it, best video I have ever seen on a bronze age empire.:)

Chandira said...

Cooool!! Will most definitely be watching that this weekend when I'm not at work!!

The Movie Maker said...

Hey, you may find this video: http://visionarydaughters.com/2008/03/research-on-hidden-mountain of interest. Need blog you have got here.