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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

imperial Spanish forces

(click on picture for larger image)
This is my latest drawing and homage to the imperial Spanish soldier. These were the warriors that were the dominant fighting force not only in Europe, but also the Americas for nearly a hundred years; from roughly 1540 to 1640. Many of the same soldiers who fought the moors in north Africa, the French in Italy, native peoples in the Philippines and the dutch in Flanders were also the same adventurers who would conquer the new world. Within a few years of Spain uniting the Conquistadors would have fought on every continent besides Australia.
When reading about the Spanish Empire I began to see parallels to the modern American society. After Spain became a world power her armies were nearly invincible for a hundred years, today Americas armies cannot be defeated in any sort of "pitched battle" against a foreign army, and without question are the finest in the world today. Spain also had a global empire which brought it immense wealth. The United States while not having a global empire, it maintains a global presence. With military bases in Asia, the middle east, Europe, and naval fleets all over the world, and the benefits from trade and commerce that is gained from being the global police, and having far flung global contacts.
However the Spaniards became weak, soft, and corrupt above all; because all the wealth that empire brought, and the security that the professional Spanish soldier brought. America may face the same fate if it does not change. Americans have become weak, soft, and corrupt. We are so wealthy that one could not imagine a world without all the comforts we have become accustomed to, and the American warrior has provided the United States with such an untouchable feeling, that most Americans are living in a "mickey mouse land" in their heads which does not exist.