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Ancient worldz is a blog were I compare the worlds that ancient and medievil peoples inhabited and thrived in to the modern world. I also try to illustrate the stories with my drawings and painted miniatures.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Painting Process

These are some minis I began to paint over the labor day weekend. They are all Foundry 28mm Macedonians and Thracians. They are far from complete... hopefuly I will be able to finish them soon. :-)
( all miniatures are 28mm foundry macedonians and thracians)


God Bless America!!

God bless our troops overseas!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Democratic will to fight

The small fiercely independent city states of Ancient Greece, had mostly evolved from local monarchies that had been overthrown. Once the Greeks had achieved Independence, through militaristic action, they were all extremely martial. The Greeks were viciously militaristic, first out of necessity to survive, then out of lust for glory and to maintain a sense of security. Like the Ancient Greeks the early American colonists first fought to survive, then many years later to expand and to further our own influence and power. The Democratic Americans defeated the greatest nation on the planet though determination and purpose; the classical Greeks defeated the Persian Empire which was the greatest nation of the day through the same determination and cleverness as the early Americans had done.

In later years the Athenians, as well as the Spartans, were rather "gung ho" to dive head long into the Peloponnesian war. Just as the Union and confederate armies were eager to tare each other apart, in the American civil war. Does democracy in it self make people fond of conflict?

( all miniatures are 28mm foundry greek miniatures)